As the game opens, hold the phone in landscape position, with your fingers on both sides of the screen to independently control a pair of cannons. Tilt your phone in any direction to move the camera, keeping a sharp eye on the radar as baddies appear behind or below your field of view. You’ve got a truly 360-degree battlefield to contend with, so be alert!

Blast away at the alien enemy before they reach you to inflict damage on your shield, which recharges slowly. Take out a set number to clear each level, then spend points on much-needed upgrades as you progress.

You can bring two weapons with you into each level, and easily switch between the pair. Avoid overheating by keeping tabs on the heat sensor, and keep a sharp eye on your ordinance counters as they count down to the next reload cycle.

Once you calibrate your accelerometer, match the Y-Axis to whichever orientation you prefer, and find the perfect balance of screen sensitivity, Heavy Gunner 3D will be your go-to app for a few minutes or hours of fun anywhere you and your DROID might go.

(Tip: After installing the app and downloading the 25MB of additional data to your SD card, open Settings and reverse the Y-Axis and increase the sensitivity to maximum. You’ll be glad you did.)