While Memorial Day serves as a sobering reminder of those patriots we’ve lost in war, it’s also an inspiring reminder of better days to come. Memorial Day, known for officially kicking off the summer season, is a long weekend often reserved for travel, backyard barbeques and sales. Whether you’re heading to the motor speedway or racking up on the retail industry’s spring sweep, there’s an Android app to help you manage it all with grace and efficiency.

Xfinity TV (Free)

If the holiday weekend is an opportunity for you to bum out on the couch, you can take full advantage of the many marathons running on TV (one of my favorites is The Twilight Zone). Comcast customers can take advantage of the Xfinity TV app on Android to find all the marathons of interest, filtering by genre, network and more. And even if you don’t plan on being a couch potato all weekend, you can set your DVR to record the entire marathon or a handful of episodes you really want to see, allowing you to get out and enjoy Memorial Day to the fullest.

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