Halloween parties will be great this year

Oct 17, 2010

Halloween is a load of fun why make it hard with all the headaches from planning it. Use these apps to get it done quickly and efficiently and you’ll be eating apples out of a basket in no time.

Party Planner

Keep your party planned. Keep a list of what you need, it helps you also decide on some needed party things. What does a party need? Use this.



What the best deal? Use this to find it.


Grocery iQ

Have a list of candy you need to buy? Use this app to keep track of the candy and what you have and don’t have.


Halloween Countdown

Keep an eye on how much time you have left until the big day. You don’t want it to slip by or surprise you.


Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds

OK so the party is underway, hook this up to the speakers and start scaring people. haha or just make them laugh.


Halloween Planner

Ok so party planner helped you with the general stuff. Use this app to make sure the Halloween party remains a halloween party.


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