Habitica is basically an RPG game where your role is yourself and the game is actually your life. Evoking the design of the 90s, this app comes with an innovative approach to things that we have to do but not always feel like to. Habitica invites us to play – to perceive these things as parts of a challenge and the app creates a video game. First, the user gets to design his avatar: from skin color through t-shirt to hairdo everything is customizable. The next step is setting up habits, daily goals and to-dos. All these are transformed into small monsters that the user needs to defeat – of course by accomplishing tasks. If this happens then by gaining golds and points, it is possible to level up the avatar: for example by getting a pet, new skills or an armor. You can also create personal rewards for yourself: like eating a chocolate bar or watching an episode of your favorite series. The user can set bad habits as well and when tapping them, instead of a reward, they will hurt the avatar and take away things he already acquired right away, just like in the case of uncompleted dailies and tasks. This is Habitica’s way to help you get rid of bad habits before they cause more serious problems in the real life.

Habitica can be played as a social game, too. Compete with your friends or with strangers from all over the world and keep others motivated to tick their lists as well. We all know that a little competition can improve performance and endeavor. Maybe the meanest function of the game is accountability. If someone is not able to account to a friend, the avatar suffers a huge harm.

Tend to browse around on totally useless pages for hours instead of doing what you should? Habitica helps that too. The app can be linked with a Chrome extension thus it can monitor the visited pages. Useful ones of course deserve rewarding, unproductive ones punishment. A creative method to keep you on track.

The app is by the way a new and improved version of HabitRPG. There are some other applications on the field like HabitBull, LifeRPG, or Loop but none of them creates a real RPG game. They provide several charts to make the process visible but only LifeRPG offers game-like missions, skills and levelling up – though not accompanied by video game graphics neither with an own character or avatar.

Habitica makes sure to maintain a great motivation by gamifying non-pleasurable or tiring activities. It provides fun but it helps to keep organized at the same time. Habitica is tricky: the user starts to think of to-dos as challenges they need to achieve thus playing this game at the end is not a waste of time but even a wise way to spend time and get things done. Moreover, it also combines the challenge with a social experience thus involving the motivating power of friends as well. On the other hand, users claim that after a time they get bored of Habitica as it is a bit recursive and not various enough. Still, Habitica is a recommended tool for those who tend to procrastinate tasks until the final deadline and have difficulties with managing time. Creative, efficient and fun.