If you prefer exercise to be like a fun game where you can win badges of honor and interact with friends, then you will love the free Nexercise app for Android. You know, the whole “everybody gets a trophy” theory. This healthy app helps you get motivated to lose weight by awarding you for fitness feats including completing everyday housework. You can also play against friends and challenge them to match your success. It is basically community-based fitness for those couch potatoes who don’t like to work out without an incentive.

You can earn points for tons of different activities such as hacky sack, horseback riding, hula hoop, pole athletics, trampoline and more. There are many activities you might not traditionally classify as fitness making this app perfect for those who hate the gym. You simply select your activity and the Nexercise app will track your metrics. The app has a detailed profile section that keeps track of your stats, medals and activities. This cutesy fitness app is definitely a great way for non-exercisers to jump into the fitness game via a fun Android app.

Honestly though, I work out for the benefit of how I feel when I am done. I do not work out to one up my friends or earn virtual badges for housework. I never really was the competitive type. If you are the competitive badge-collecting type you will probably love this fitness app, but steer clear of it if you are a seasoned exerciser.