Great Galaxy Tablet Apps

May 10, 2012

Proud owner of a Galaxy Tab? Here are some apps that look great and run flawlessly on Samsung’s little beauties. Who needs an iPad?

News360 (Old)

You follow the news, right? News360 takes things to the next level. Tons of important sources. Beautiful layout. Browse or search as you see fit. Indispensible.



Quickly and easily create a postcard with any picture on your tablet. Enter a mailing address and a message and a real picture postcard will be on its way. Just $1.49 a pop. Mother’s Day is coming right up…

 Download At Bat 12

If you’re a baseball fan, and you don’t have this app, you’re missing out. Yes, it does cost $15 up front (MLB.TV Premium subscribers get the app for free), but you get tremendous value. Watch a game-of-the-day, listen to radio broadcasts of your favorite team’s games, check stats and standings. Incredible amount of content.


Let’s Golf! 3

The good: Beautiful design and gameplay. The bad: Limited play without in-app purchases. I love this game, but I hate having to spend dough to play more than a handful of holes each day. I would much rather pay $5 or $10 once and get unlimited play. Are you listening, Gameloft?



Tremendous collection of online TEDTalk videos. Tons of interesting talks, presentations, and performances. Something of interest for everyone.


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