GReader is an app for the Android platform that allows you to set notifications for your Google Reader account. GReader is more of a notification system then anything else. The app itself is more of a control panel while the Android notification system and the web browser handle all of the functionality that it provides.

When you load up the app you’ll be presented with six different settings to configure. Those settings are: Username, Password, Enable Notifications, Select Ringtone, Vibrate, and Check Interval. Besides these settings, there isn’t much else for you to tweak in this app, the rest is all done web based.

For this app to be useful, you’ll need to have already configured your Google Reader to the specific account you signed in with. After that, depending on how you set the notifications, you’ll be updated with the most recent unread articles in your reader. Once you click on the notification you’ll be brought over to the web browser and asked to log into your Google account.

If you like to keep up-to-date with the articles you follow through Google Reader, this notifier is definitely handy to have on your Android phone. It could become obnoxious if you set it to check every five minutes and have a lot in your reader. Otherwise, it’s definitely handy.