And now, this is where Goxip comes in. A Hong Kong based mobile application startup can solve all these problems for you. Goxip is an app equipped with a unique image recognition technology to help to find your favorite items with photos and images.

In their “Search” tab, any photos from an album or Instagram feeds can be uploaded, and with Goxip’s image search technology, they will match the clothing in the uploaded picture with their fashion database and list out the exact or a range of similar items. These items come with a very wide price range so users can easily sort out the one they love and also can afford. Goxip embodies a large collection of retailers that sell over two million worldwide shipping products from 150,000 designer brands. From the hottest high end merchants in UK like Mr. Porter and Net-a-Porter, to the budget fashion such as Topshop and Boohoo. Goxip’s goal is to create a seamless Ecommerce experience to the fashion lovers from getting inspiration to buying their ideal piece of clothing home.


Apart from the Snap Search function, Goxip is also served as a fashion community. Their “Looks” and “Post” tabs allow sharing own styles to the community or get inspiration from looks created by other users of Goxip. Take a photo of how you dress and upload your Mix & Match outfit to be the fashion icon and influencer on Goxip. It is simply that easy. In your post, Goxip can even match the items you are wearing with its shoppable fashion database and as a result, when other users see your posts, they can click the items that you matched and shop your whole outfit at just a fingertip away! If you can see on Goxip, you can buy it instantly.

Last but not least, the ‘’Discover” tab. It is really a place for users to discover the latest and hottest fashion trends. In the tab there will be different banners created by the editors to feature any must-have items during a particular time or season. When you go into their banners, there will be a list of products handpicked by the editors just like those fashion magazines suggesting different trends for users to follow. But this time, you don’t have to go back and search for them in different ecommerce platforms. Apart from banners, Goxip works with different partners to run regular fashion contests giving out grand prizes. Users only need to create a post according to the rules set by Goxip and the sponsors then they will have the chance of winning the stated grand prize. It can just be that easy to bring home a 500 USD clutch bag. If you have a good idea of what clothes you want, Goxip is definitely a solution for you instead of spending ages in trying to find that particular black dress you need for a date. Goxip is now available on iOS, Android.