Navigating the app has been significantly improved, granting access to quoted texts in email bodies, and easier toggling between folders and screens, without always having to return to the main Gmail page. One big perk of Gmail for Android is the support of the new Priority Inbox, making the mobile app even more efficient for on-the-go users.

Sony game phone coming soon

Google’s not the only company with high hopes around the Android platform.  Sony’s rumored game phone is closer to becoming a reality.  Engadget offered details on the upcoming Sony gaming phone, powered by Android.  Once launched, such a device will greatly affect mobile gaming, creating a wider ecosystem for both Android and Sony.

While you wait for an Android device designed just for gaming, you can check out some of the new features Layar has added to its augmented reality app.  A new 3D shooter is a live game you can play with your friends, overlaid in your actual surroundings.  The multiplayer game is yet another way Layar is demonstrating the many ways its augmented reality tools can be used, while also encouraging more developers to build around them.

Dropbox launches app directory

This trend of enticing third party developers is something we’ll see more of, as mobile platforms continue to gain in popularity.  Dropbox launched an App Directory today, just to highlight products from the developer community that are designed to work with Dropbox’s service.  In addition, Dropbox updated its Android and iPhone apps, adding photo capture integration, HD video support, and more.