The app, like other barcode scanners, allows you to compare prices on the go. Simply scan a book’s barcode while at your local bookstore, and find cheaper places to buy online. Take a photo of the cover of a book or CD that you’re looking for, and the app will scan Google for the best deals and steals. I tried it with Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, and it was a no-go for cover art, but did pull up shopping options from the barcode scan.

This shopping app is great if you like to get a second, third or maybe even a fourth price check while shopping. But overall, it isn’t that much different from doing a simple Google search by typing in the name of what you’re looking for. The app does allow voice search, but most phones allow voice search in web browsing apps now. You can save deals you find by starring items, and the app keeps track of your search history.

Overall, if you really like shopping via Google, this app will enhance your on-the-go mobile comparison shopping experience for books, CDs and the like. But, if you’re looking for something more innovative, steer clear of this free shopping app.