One such project is Android of course, which is the mobile front to most of what Google does. Android has enabled Google to be incorporated into several other Google Apps from a mobile perspective, making Gmail, GTalk, Google Calendar and so on accessible on the go.

Most importantly, Google Search now incorporates individualized factors like time and place, to deliver the best results (and ads).

Flying warriors depart from beta

If you’re inclined to use your Android phone as a gaming machine, you’ve probably been unable to avoid the popularity of Angry Birds. The well-received iPhone game has upped the ante, with an official launch on Android today. No more beta birds, as the Rovio Mobile developers take this game to the next level.

Banking on the fly

Want to improve your own net worth? Manage your finances from the new ING Direct app for Android. The mobile banking tool offers account access, bill payments, person-to-person transfers and more, making it one of the most robust banking apps available in the Android Market.