The rumored Google tablet that many believe will be announced (or released) next month might have been outed a little early, according to a story from Android Police.

A tablet called the “Nexus 7” has appeared on a benchmarking website, Rightware’s Basemark ES2.0 Taiji. Apparently, it’s an Asus Tegra 3 tablet and looks to be just about everything we’ve heard rumored about the device for the last few months. Android Police also draws a number of conclusions from the benchmark results: first, that the “7” in Nexus 7 may refer to the 7-inch size that popped up in previous rumors; and second, that it’s packing the next update to the Android operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

All that information seems to fall in line with previous rumors and other reports that have been floating around, so it seems as though the benchmark may well be the real deal. It seems Google’s branded tablet is getting pretty close to ready for launch and it’s expected the company will make an announcement at its Google I/O conference next week. We’d previously heard that Asus would be responsible for the branded tablet. Google has previously worked with Samsung and HTC on its Nexus smartphones, and we’ve also been hearing that Jelly Bean would be a tablet-centric version of Android, much like Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Both seem accurate based on Android Police’s findings.

The “7” is also a telling piece of information, as it seems to confirm that Google is going into the Android tablet market not by targeting Apple’s iPad, necessarily, but Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The 7-inch tablet market has been lit up by Amazon’s popular device, largely because Amazon has attacked the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Reports claim that Google’s going the same way, with its tablet priced at right around $200 as well. Earlier reports put Google’s price tag even lower, at about $149.

A lot of this is still up in the air, although the benchmark test does suggest that a lot of the information we’ve been hearing is accurate. Either way, we’ll likely finally find out what Google’s up to at its I/O conference starting on June 27. Until then, if you’re in the market for an Android tablet, you might want to wait and see what develops.

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