The new instant search results have rolled out on Google’s main page, and will be coming to mobile users in the coming months.  If executed well, instant search on mobile phones could greatly cut down on mobile browsing.  I imagine Google’s other voice-specific search tools will only add to the efficiency of mobile search.

Scoreloop is hoping to gain some efficiency points, with the inclusion of PayPal as a payment method for its gaming platform.  That means developers with games on Scoreloop can accept PayPal payments without having to create a merchant account, and gamers can use a payment tool with which they’re already familiar.

With mobile gaming still on the rise, we’re seeing a number of advancements in payment options for developers and gamers.  It’s a trend even Facebook is closely watching, as it promotes its Credits currency and seeks mobile expansion.  Google has big plans for its own Android platform, having made a game currency acquisition earlier this year.

All this excitement over games probably makes you want to go out and get a powerful Android device, like the new T-Mobile G2, or HTC Droid Incredible with 2.2 Froyo.  The new G2 was introduced this week, reviving T-Mobile’s signature Android devices with 2.2 Froyo.

Powered by Snapdragon and an 8GB memory card, the G2 will be able to handle your favorite games.  The upcoming HTC Droid Incredible will be coming preloaded with 2.2 Froyo and wi-fi hotspot capabilities, bringing in some much-needed upgrades.