Google updates security, navigation

Bizzy has updated its Android app as well, putting a spin on the popular “check-in” feature.  When you’ve finished eating at a restaurant, the Bizzy app lets you “check-out” as a way to share your experience while it’s still fresh. The feature is specific for restaurants, as Bizzy builds its recommendation service, getting to know your preferences. Check-outs can be shared with friends, along with contact details for the restaurant.

Of course, not every company needs an app to make its services available on Android devices.  Music streamer Kazaa has updated its service to allow subscribers to stream from their Android phones, skipping the app all together. It’s making good use of the mobile web, while broadening access for end users. As the mobile web continues to expand the juncture between the PC and mobile app worlds, we’ll see more companies optimize their products to meet consumer demands.