Those futuristic glasses Google’s working on? They may be closer to launch than expected, as Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing the prototype glasses at a San Francisco charity event last night. Tech pundit Robert Scoble tweeted a photo with he and Brin last night, writing “The Google Glasses are real!”

It was only yesterday Google released a video clip depicting what life would be like wearing the heads-up display spectacles, which can pull up web searches, take photos, check the weather, get directions and schedule meetings. Titled “One day…” the video gave little indication as to when Project Glass would be released to the public, but Brin’s appearance is a promising indication that it could be sooner rather than later. Scoble later wrote that the glasses looked lightweight, and were in fact flashing information on the lens. And though you can’t tell from Scoble’s tweeted photo, Brin is wearing a backpack rumored to be a battery for the prototype glasses.

Google reiterates messaging around Android’s openness despite Motorola buy

And while Brin was busy showing off his Google Glasses last night, the company’s other co-founder, CEO Larry Page, published an open letter reiterating his goals around Google developing their own devices, and the future of Android as an open platform. This has been Google’s consistent messaging despite its pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

“[I]t’s important to reiterate that openness and investment by many hardware partners have contributed to Android’s success,” Mr. Page wrote. “So we look forward to working with all of them in the future to deliver outstanding user experiences.”

He added: “Android was built as an open ecosystem, and we have no plans to change that.”

Google already indicated its goals around building its own tablet, and as we saw from Brin’s demonstration last night the company has plans around connected devices beyond the smartphone and tablet market. So even though Google continues to push its message of the Motorola deal not affecting Android’s open ecosystem, many still expect the acquisition to take Google in a new direction, shaking up the OEM market nonetheless.

Android has reached over 850,000 daily activations, the letter reads, as Page goes on to discuss Google as a holistic experience across devices. He also hints at Google Drive, the rumored storage service that will be key to their mobile success, and significant growth for their social network Google+ with over 100 million active users.