In an earnings call today, Google CEO Larry Page noted that the company needs to work on making sure Android is a strong ecosystem for all devices, not just tablets.

The earnings call made note of a few of the recent developments in the Android ecosystem, as ZDNet reports, and Page seemed to acknowledge that Android is finding a tablet niche against the iPad on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of pricing. That’s most readily apparent with the Amazon Kindle Fire tab, which seems to be cornering a chunk of the market with a $199 price tag that puts it far below the $499 for Apple’s iPad.

Rumor has it that Google itself is planning a co-branded tablet to make a play for that chunk of the market space as well. We’ve heard that Google plans to team with Asus to design a tab that might be as cheap as $149 when it hits the market, reportedly this summer.

But while devices are important, Page said that the experience of Android is where the company needs to focus. From the sounds of things, that means apps and services that can be strengthened. And Android needs to present a “more unified experience,” Page said, because Google expects more and more devices are going to continue hitting the market.

“Right now, I feel like each device you have is kind of a hassle to deal with,” Page said. “You’re thinking about each individual device. I think that’s not really right…. I think you’re going to have a pretty unified experience and a great experience, from user point of view, and you won’t have to manage all these devices.”

That comment also sounds like it speaks to the ongoing issue of fragmentation that Android suffers from, which is the result of the operating system’s open-source nature. It’s probably the biggest complaint about the ecosystem right now, for both developers and users, because each app made for Android has to be made compatible with each device. If Google can find a way to get over that obstacle, Android developers would have a much easier time making apps, and that would mean more apps for everyone.

Page’s comments provide a positive outlook for Android; we’ll have to see just how Google means to make it a reality.

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