Is Cartoon Wars 2 even a little bit unique? Sure. Does that mean it’s a must-buy? Not really. But it’s not a bad game at all, even if it tries to keep you from playing the best part of it.

There are three things about Cartoon Wars 2 we need to talk about. First, there are the RPG elements. These are the reason to keep playing what are essentially the same segments over and over and over. You do it so you can improve your hero and your castle and your troops. As usual, the progression is compelling.

Next, you have the warfare. In one game mode (the one you’ll be playing the most), you face an invasion by hostile forces, and you must send out the troops to stop them and shoot arrows at them and stuff. This is not, unfortunately, real time strategy or tower defense. You simply spam the buttons that create military units until you win. This is kind of boring, in a grindy kind of way.

The third things is the best thing. In the other game mode, you take your “hero” out into a field and have him or her fight guys directly. At first, you’re given only a bow and arrow, and the wonderful three-dimensional gameplay makes for a challenging and interesting game. But you won’t get to play this game mode as much as the other, less desirable one. And that made me a little bit sad.

I really feel as if Cartoon Wars 2 is worth a download for the hero game. The rest might leave you snoozing, but that will hold your attention.

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