Maintaining a presence across two continents can be a daunting task, but the technology world seems to do all right for itself. As Android tops the U.S. mobile platform market and steals second place from Apple in the UK, rolling out features on both sides of the Atlantic becomes an important part of building a global brand.

Voice Actions learns a few new languages

Android has added more languages for its Voice Actions, including British English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, to name a few. Voice Actions let you do more with your phone, hands-free. You can send texts, call businesses, visit a website, navigate to a location and pull up your map. And as the feature’s been out for over a year in the U.S., Voice Actions has had a ready user base to further improve speech recognition technology. Taking that functionality overseas is literally a whole new language, and one that’s worthy of Android’s attention and resources.

Samsung expands app market in the UK

Samsung is also looking for worldwide domination through mobile devices, and its Apps store is gaining traction in a few different areas. Samsung has added premium titles to its Android app marketplace, now available to UK users. It’s a build-out of a central marketplace where Samsung picks the apps, and app developers have an additional chance for marketing and promotion. As the official Android Market grows, consumers will seek out curated or personalized search methods for sifting through the dog pile.

PlayStation Vita unites gamers around the world

And one thing mobile users all around the world seem to have in common is a love for games. As Sony prepares for the new PlayStation Vita’s first launch in Japan, the consumer electronics manufacturer has also taken advantage of a worldwide mobile platform to extend its reach. Sony unveiled its developer kit for Vita this week, with support for Android devices. Developers can create games using C#, a programming language that will work on any PlayStation-certified device. This includes the Android-powered Xperia PLAY, Sony’s first PlayStation-branded phone. It’s a major step in mobile gaming, as Sony’s strategy becomes even more unified.