Considering the app connects to your computer wirelessly, both the phone and the computer need to be connected to the same network. The app will list out all the computers on the network with the software installed and make it easy for you to connect.

There are three different areas of this app: the control screen, browse screen, and touchpad. The control screen includes media controls such as stop, play, pause, skip forward or backwards, volume controls, and a disconnect button. If you load up any sort of media through the browse area, this is where you would control it. In the browse area, you’ll have access to your entire system. This app only works with media files, so you’ll have to navigate over to your folders with video or music in them to play them. Once you launch the file, they start playing on your computer directly. The touchpad allows you to control the mouse on your computer in real time with only a little bit of lag.

This app is definitely handy for those of you who use your computer to play music or videos and don’t want to sit directly in front of it to control it. Once you mess around with it for a little bit, you’ll find that it’s very easy to use and doesn’t add anything complicated to the mix. The software on your computer simply runs in the background and can be easily stopped as well. If you’re looking for a remote for your computer, then definitely check this app out.

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