Now while some of us may have a grasp over our inbox, others – myself included – who receive 100+ emails on a daily basis will feel a sense of bewilderment every time we have to refer to our inbox to find a specific document, respond to a colleague’s questions, or accept a calendar invite. The thought of having to scroll through the abyss that is our inbox in the hopeful attempt of finding that one question, invite, or statement can often be not only extremely depressing but also very time-consuming. In fact, in a 2012 global report carried our by McKinsey Global Institute, it was determined that ‘the average office worker spends 28 hours a week – nearly 1,500 hours a year – writing emails, searching for information and attempting to “collaborate” internally.’

So, what’s the solution? Gluru – the smartest productivity boosting app to date.

While there are many other productivity-boosting apps available out there that could be considered useful by some – such as Notion Email,, Wunderlist, todoist etc. – Gluru trumps them through its unique adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). By combining various subsets of AI such as natural language processing (NLP), deep learning (DL), and machine learning (ML), Gluru analyses the content of your paired email accounts (only Gmail integration for the time being) to identify the actionable phrases from within your emails (i.e. ‘can you send me those documents?’, ‘can you make the meeting tomorrow?’, ‘are you free for a phone call?’ etc.). Having identified these tasks, Gluru then automatically suggests the actions that should be taken in response, and offers one-click capabilities in order to complete them, subsequently streamlining your task-completion rate.

Although should you not wish to complete the identified action immediately, you also have the option of scheduling it to your personalized to-do list. Referred to within the app as the ‘Schedule’, here you can see all of the tasks that you need to accomplish for that day/week, as well as all of the events (automatically imported from you Google Calendar account) that you have coming up – also with one-click actionable responses.

Developed with the primary aim of making its users more productive, Gluru is useful for both professionals and non-professionals who are seeking to work in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of how you spend your days, Gluru is designed to help boost your productivity and, therefore, free up more of your time so that you can spend it on doing the activities that you enjoy doing.

Gluru analyses the content of your paired email accounts to identify the actionable phrases from within your emails

However, one could argue that the only real weakness of the app is┬áthat for the time being you can only use your Google Account to sign in. Furthermore, you can only integrate one Google account – your default one – with Gluru, as multiple-account integrations are not yet enabled. However, all of these limitations are soon going to be fixed, as, for example, – Microsoft sign-in is currently being trialed on the Web App and will likely soon be introduced as a means of signing into the app, soon.

So who are Gluru?

Having only been founded in 2014 by Tim Porter (an alum of Apple, Google, and Shazam), the team now comprises of 15 R&D engineers, core engineers, data scientists, iOS / Android / Web developers, and UX designers, each with either PhDs or Masters in fields such as neural networks, ontologies, NLP or ML.

In their brief time of being in operation, they have already been voted the ‘Best AI Startup’ at the 2016 AIconics awards and were selected by the Guardian Newspaper as one of the best apps to help you achieve your 2017 new years resolution. They have also been featured in the likes of the Financial Times, TIME magazine, Business Insider, and TechCrunch, to name a few.

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