The free Evi app for Android eluded me for days while I was testing it out. Every time I tried to search using the app, it told me all circuits were busy. But the super friendly voice assured me that they were working to correct the issue in the near future. In this day and age, a few days are a lifetime.

When the voice search app finally began to work, I started asking Evi some simple questions, at least what I thought were simple questions. I asked Evi where the closest yoga class was and it wasn’t able to locate a business called “yoga class” but referred me to Yelp for more information. Okay, thanks for wasting my time Evi. Then I asked it where the Super Bowl was this year so Evi referred me to Wikipedia for more information about the Super Bowl. Evi was however able to tell me the capital of Indiana is Indianapolis without referring me to another app or website.

The design and general premise of the app are simple, but the execution still needs some help. Users can help Evi learn by rating search results thumbs up or thumbs down. The “tutorial” section is helpful and can clue you in to how to phrase things so Evi might understand better. For instance, when I rephrased my question to ask “Where is the nearest yoga class,” Evi was able to answer.

Overall, unless you feel like having some fun with Evi, I would steer clear and download the free Dragon Go! app instead.