Sometimes you need to give your brain a workout. I find it just as satisfying to figure out a difficult puzzle as it is to advance to the next level in most action games. If you are like me and want to regularly challenge your puzzle solving skills, check out these brain games for Android.

Brain Teasers is a real thinking person’s app equipped with a plethora of logic, mathematics, numerical, and other puzzles for you to wrap your brain around. Although the app does not feature timed games, memory tests, or leaderboards.

You can take as long as you like to figure out the puzzles and you might want to bust out scrap paper for some of them. Most of the puzzles have a hint button and of course an answer button. You can even share puzzles with friends via social media. Each section comes with a bunch of options. For example, the Logical section’s puzzles are broken up into reasoning, crossing river, Einstein’s riddles, logic questions, Rebus, Algebra and more.

Are you ready to take some time today and give your brain a workout with one of these Android brain games? How well do you think you will fare? After just a few tests I realized I am not as sharp as I thought I was. Practice most definitely makes perfect.