In short, that means you can have access to your iTunes library without having to load a single file onto your phone’s SD card. SkyTunes will also cache the music onto the phone’s card so you can listen to it later, even when you’re not syncing with your laptop or PC.

The phone comes with a sample library that’s filled with 2Pac songs. Add some of your personal favorites by downloading the server to your computer and the corresponding application from the Android marketplace. Then, just like that, you can start streaming your entire music collection to your phone. The set-up instructions were, thankfully, very straightforward and easy to follow.

SkyTunes seems to do the job it sets out to do, and without any apparent hiccups. The sleek, yet simple, design of this app was especially notable for me. I sensed a hint of an Apple influence on this app’s design, but I think that made navigation more predictable.

What’s nice about SkyTunes is that it comes with its very own media player. I didn’t have to go searching for my content elsewhere, or have to open these MP3 files inside of another application.