Retro Camera

With 5 different old fashioned camera styles to choose from, Retro Camera gives every headshot a vintage feel. Switch from Color to Black & White to capture an instant classic on an old school photo print background.


Camera 360

The new and improved “lite” version of Camera 360 has 12 preset styles to choose from that will make your headshot unique. The full version unlocks two additional styles to add more flash and flare to your glamor shots.

After you snap a photo, the full screen image displays your picture with the added effects. When you touch the screen, the photo is displayed without the effects so you can view the “before and after”.



When it comes to Vanity, PhotoFunia caters to the narcissist in everyone. This App allows you to take a photo from your gallery to be displayed on a preset scene such a Billboard in the heart of Times Square or an oil painting in an art gallery.

Just select the scene and then choose a photo and the app does the rest. There are over 100 scenes to choose from, so you can see your headshot in many different environments and settings.


Adobe Photoshop Express

How many times have you messed up the perfect headshot by skewing your camera phone too much to one side or leaving too much head room in the frame? Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to edit photos on the fly and crop, rotate and adjust the color characteristics of any photo in your library. You can easily upload your photos to, Facebook or Twitpic.