First up, finding concerts. The app ties seamlessly into’s artist and venue database, effortlessly alerting you to where and when your favorite performers will be appearing, based on your listening history. If you’ve never used, head over there now and get with it! Free, unlimited streaming mixes of your own personal radio channels await.

Next, log in to Gigbox using your credentials, taking both the pain out of joining Gigbox’s growing user community and using your playback data to power the concert and artist search results.

Once you’ve bought tickets to a live show, use Gigbox to find out more about the venue, then grab GPS-powered driving directions. Once you arrive, log-in to a hosted chat room to exchange IMs with other attendees, rate the concert during the show, and share photos with everyone in real time. Images taken at other events by Gigbox users are just a click away, anytime, anywhere.

The only downside? The app only works well if a group of people are using it during your show. So tell your family, friends and anyone who will listen to install Gigbox and use it at their next concert. Rock on!