Since then, I’ve been looking for a mobile app that reminds me of when those close to me have special occasions. Of course, there are calendars, and even Facebook is capable of notifying me of birthdays, but despite this, I still often miss these dates. The biggest disadvantage of storing these dates in a normal online calendar, is that they simply go unnoticed among the plenty of e-mails I get, so I often forget to buy presents.

For years, I’ve been waiting for something similar to GiftPrompt, as I have many friends all around the world. For me, all of them are important, but of course, it is impossible to remember all birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates during the year. GiftPrompt solves this problem. Most of all, it enables me to send gifts in seconds. It is more than a godsend. It’s magic.


The greatest feature of GiftPrompt is that it is not only a calendar to help remember important dates, but also an app which enables you to send gifts from the most popular online shops, such as Macy’s or Amazon. You not only get alarm when a birthday is coming, but also get some recommendations for the best presents. These presents are available within the app, and can be send to the recipient together with a personalized message included.

GiftPrompt is a very handy tool and it makes it easy to organize gift deliveries. It’s not only time-effective, but also creative, and reinvents the personalized gift card.

For me, the app works quite well, and I found excellent ideas within GiftPrompt. It is easy to use, and can be customized as well. Although GiftPrompt is still expanding features, I think it has a great purpose and will one day be a must have app. The collection of gift options is growing, and I am very interested in seeing these new features added. So, do not hesitate to download it, and cheer up your friends on their big days!