Social media networks have become a big part of our lives. Facebook is here to stay, Twitter continues to grow, and Google+ just opened up to everyone. Do we need more? If you think we do, then check out GetGlue. Many people prefer an entertainment-based social media site, and for them, GetGlue is the one. The app serves this niche market, has got attractive features and offers an easy-to-use friendly interface.

GetGlue, just like other social networking sites, allows users to share what they’re watching, listening to or thinking. Interestingly, this app gives shiny and nice looking stickers as rewards for sharing these entertainment activities and thoughts with friends, which other social networking site don’t do.

It allows users to check what friends are up to, what movies or TV shows they watched, which books they read or which songs they listened to recently. It allows users to rate the posts and add new favorites. Like other social media apps, it also allows people to check-in, add photos and download links.

The GetGlue app can be a very good source for entertainment recommendations. For instance, if you plan to watch a movie, find out what your friends are saying about the current movies that are running in theaters near you. Ask them questions if you have doubt over a movie, then pick one. Same goes for TV shows, book titles, and music albums. In addition, the app itself will start recommending you movies, TV shows, book titles and songs based on things you like and rate on other people’s walls.