Keeper® Password Manager

I have a million passwords. Keeper is a password repository, but it’s also great for keeping accounts organized. You can set up folders (Stores, Social, name it whatever) and sync to backup files and your desktop.

I’d be lost without this.


Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales

I have a million membership cards and I’m forever losing them and not getting rewards on things. Key Ring uses the Barcode Scanner app (in the market) to scan and store your rewards card information. Now I have Borders, Best Buy, PetCo and others all in the phone, and the checker just scans the code from the app.

It works with any card that has a barcode – and if the scanner on your phone doesn’t recognize it, you can key in the code and it will duplicate the barcode image anyway. Key Ring even works on my library card – and makes for a much less cluttered purse.


NewsRob Pro

I went through several RSS reader apps before settling on NewsRob. Not only does it seamlessly sync with my Google Reader (folders and all!), it has the ability to open links within the application, so I can go to mobile sites and leave comments instead of always needing to open the full browser and skip about. It’s a great option to have.


Missed Reminder

One of the things missing on my new phone – and I don’t know if it was the Evo or Android 2.1 or HTC Sense – was an ongoing notification system. Missed Reminder lets the user customize – wait for it – REMINDERS for SMS, MMS, email, and calendar events for which they missed the original alarm. There are options for LED and sound repeats.

After all, it could be from someone important. Like Steve Jobs.