Have you ever wrapped a string around an object over and over again because you were bored? If you liked doing that, then Zen Bound 2 is definitely a game for you. It’s literally about twisting and turning an object so a rope wraps around it in different ways, and that is a far more engaging idea than it sounds.

As with any game, the mechanics of Zen Bound 2 don’t exist for their own sake. You turn an object to wrap it up in a rope, yes, but there are objectives here. Most commonly, you’ll see that you’re trying to touch the rope to pins that are sticking out of the different objects. Other times, there will be globs of paint at intervals on the rope, and you’ll be trying to cover the object in color.

There is no time limit here, as that wouldn’t be very Zen, would it? Instead, there is a rope limit. Eventually, if you keep turning the object, you will run out of rope. So you have to keep that in mind.

Zen Bound 2 is appropriately named. It creates a rather calming mood, or it least did when I played. For example, one night I was trying to play Battlefield 3 on my PC, but my anti-virus program was cutting off my access to Battlelog. I got pretty angry, and so I stepped away from my computer and played this game. After about five minutes of wrapping rope around a wooden bird, I was about as angry as a sleeping baby.

Unlike most mobile games, Zen Bound 2 is a bit cerebral, and that’s a nice change of pace. This game costs $2.99 and gives you time to think, And that’s why I like it.

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