St. Patrick’s Day has become a diverse affair, with more people claiming the color green than ever before. Celebrating a holiday steeped in tradition, the modern St. Patrick’s Day observer is ready to drink the best brews with the best company. There’s several Android apps designed to help you along the way, from pub crawls to learning Irish slang.

cab4me Taxi Finder (Free)

Ready to call it a night? Be responsible and take a cab home, even if that means taking a cab back to the bar to get your car in the morning. cab4me will find a local cab company no matter where you are, helping you get home safely. See the nearest cab companies on a map or list view, and see company details like how many cars they have available, their accepted payment methods and other services (like handicap accessibility, for example). You can rate the cab company and see how others have rated it as well. Save the ones you like to your favorites for the next time you’re out drinking.