Every once in a while you just want to play a quick game on your Android phone. Maybe you’re waiting for the bus, but you do not want to be stuck engaged in a long level or a boss battle that you might have to stop early. Well, here are some games that can help.

These dice-based Android  games can provide some quick entertainment and a challenge. There are a lot of dice-based games currently available,  but these are the ones I found work well, are inexpensive, and provide some quick fun. Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing for more than a few minutes trying to improve your score.

Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro is also available which has some extra features like no ads and the ability to undo a move.

By looking in the Google Play Store, you will see there are a huge number of dice-based games. I know I have probably missed some cool ones, so which ones have you tried or play? These games are great time killers, but can you play just one game? Or are you like me, playing numerous games always trying to better your score?