Some other key aspects about point-and-click graphic adventure games are that there is usually not much dialogue, nor written words, nor other characters in the story. You really are on your own! This definitely adds to the suspense and mystery of the games. Unfortunately, you can usually only play one game at a time and once the game does come to an end, its replay value is limited.

The Lost City

The Lost City is the second point-and-click adventure game from Fire Maple Games. Their other is The Secret of Grisly Manor. Legend has it there was a civilization that somehow could control the seasons. The Lost City was part of that civilization. Grandma told you stories about the place. Now with her map and mysterious stone, you set out to find what happened. Before you know it, you are deep in the forest.

The Lost City is a beautifully designed game. The graphics and gameplay are very smooth and the game plays well on both small and large screens. The Lost City has some help options built into it. Within the game, there is a journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter. It also has a dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location (very helpful). The game is broken up into eight chapters and there is a hint guide and walkthrough if you want to use them.

Cryptic Caverns

Cryptic Cavern is a relatively new game from 3D Methods. You are shipwrecked on a deserted island… or you thought it was. You soon find out you are not alone and that a thriving civilization once lived there. Your job is to find out what happened to those that lived there. That means going into the caverns!

Cryptic Cavern is a nicely done mystery/puzzle game. It has an overall dark mood and theme to it, which is very appropriate. The game works well on small and large screens. After speaking with the developer, future updates are in the works. There are over 30 items to discover and use. The game does have a hint section for items and puzzles.

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Your grandfather is a famous inventor and a local hero. After the newspapers report that he has gone missing, you receive a letter from him instructing you to come visit his mysterious and creepy old mansion. He may be missing, but his presence is all over the house. Explore Grisly Manor, solve puzzles that are made from everyday objects, and piece together the clues to solve a much greater mystery.

Andor’s Trail

Andor’s Trail sounds like it’s reminiscent of the Nintendo classic game series The Legend of Zelda, except, of course, for your Android phone instead.In this fantasy adventure game, you embark on quests, battle scary monsters, uncover hidden treasures and improve your equipment. Along the way, you’ll want to learn more about the mysterious disappearance of your brother.This game appears to have have the aesthetic of old school 8-bit games that came out in the late ’80s and early ’90s, so retro gamers may also get a kick out of this one.

Age of Wind 2

Ready for an adventure on the high seas? Take charge of a ship as captain. Discover new islands, do battle with other ships, and search for treasure. Tilt your phone to sail in a new direction, tap to shoot your ship’s cannons, or tap the compass to see a map.Use the treasure to buy new cannons, armor, and new sails. The game has 17 unique ships, 21 different islands, and over 100 battles.

The Silent Age

Drop into the role of a janitor in the 1970s who finds himself thrown through time in point-and-click title The Silent Age. Adventure title The Silent Age puts players in the role of Joe, a painfully average janitor who works a dead-end job in a government building and allows people to take advantage of him. One day, while cleaning in the secret government labs, he is confronted by a man who pleads with him to save the world. The man gives Joe a time travel device, and suddenly this average man is thrust into a story in which he must save the world. Like other point-and-click games, players mus solve puzzles in The Silent Age by finding objects and using them in the right contexts, and by paying attention and gathering information about the world around them. The Silent Age has a cool art style and an interesting story to tell.

The Tiny Bang Story

Once a Sony Xperia exclusive, Herocraft’s impressive puzzle game is now available for everyone to enjoy! You’ll visit a gorgeous steampunk-inspired world devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to restore this beautiful idyll to its former glory by hunting hidden objects and solving puzzles. The game is set across five distinct chapters each featuring lovingly hand-drawn locations. With no text in the game, users will intuitively find their way around the planet, working out what tasks need to be completed. Fans of both puzzle games and hidden object games should enjoy The Tiny Bang Story. It was a huge hit as a PC title, ranking in the top 10 downloads at Big Fish Games and Gamehouse. It offers little guidance, and it’s up to the player to discover how to do things themselves, which make it fun and enjoyable.

Towelfight 2

Rogue-like action-adventure title Towelfight 2 has players venturing through top-down levels as they fight off vicious creatures by shooting animals from their character’s face. Though a bit on the goofy side, Towelfight 2 is a solid rogue-like title that features procedurally generated levels full of evil monsters that players have to fight off. To do that, they’ll collect animals with various powers that serve as projectiles, all of which are blasted out of the character’s face to wreak havoc on the bad guys. The game includes 40 different weapons to find and 80 augmentations to apply to them, and players will take down 10 massive, powerful bosses through the course of the game. Fans of rogue-like titles and games similar to the original Legend of Zelda should try Towelfight 2.


A point-and-click adventure title, Yesterday tells the story of a serial killer who targets the homeless in New York. Yesterday pairs an interesting, comic book-like art style with a story about killers and suspense. The game features three playable characters with whom players will interact through the course of the story, and Yesterday has been specifically designed to take advantage of tablets and touch-based gameplay. Its noir story is filled with movie references and other popular tropes from the thriller genre, so fans should feel right at home. Adventure game fans will enjoy this one, as will anyone who appreciates a dark, suspenseful story.


Point-and-click adventure title Syberia takes players on a mysterious journey through Europe and Russia as a lawyer gets goes searching for the man who owns a strange factory that builds automatons. Syberia was first released to PC players back in 2002, when it won numerous awards for its graphics and script. More than a decade later, it’s available to Android players, with the same well-received story and an updated interface for mobile devices. As American lawyer Kate Walker, players start their journey with the run-of-the-mill assignment to finalize the sale of a factory in Europe. When it turns out the factory’s owner has died, Kate must travel to Russia to seek out her brother, while solving puzzles and meeting other characters along the way. Players who like well-written narratives, interesting puzzles to solve and the point-and-click adventure genre won’t want to miss Syberia.

So if you like a good mystery and are naturally inquisitive, then point-and-click graphic adventure games should be right up your alley. These inexpensive games will definitely get you thinking and provide some very satisfying puzzle gameplay. In all of these games, the story line is plays a critical role and the games offer a nice change of pace to most other puzzle type games currently available.