Feel overwhelmed by all the people you follow and the companies you’d like to keep tabs on? Gist provides a clever new service to help you manage the information. With the Gist for Android app, you can bring this information to your phone, but the company will have to work out some bugs before the app matches the web site’s power.

Register via the app by creating a Gist account, and providing an email address. For the best results, you’ll also want to upload your contacts to the service. From there, Gist goes to work, pulling blog, Twitter and news feeds related to you and your contacts. You can view all this info in the Dashboard, available either over the web or directly in the app. Gist helpfully lets you adjust the importance of an individual’s information, or filter them in or out, so you get just the amount of updates you want.

Gist lets you manage company information the same way. I didn’t even have to enter in the companies I work for, Gist suggested names based on my account info, and asked me to confirm. In addition to pulling all the feeds, Gist creates a profile on businesses that it advises you bring to your next business meeting.

Unfortunately, there seem to be a few kinks to work out. Updates I made on the web service, like adding contacts or companies, took hours to make it to the app on my phone, and some never showed up at all.

Overall, Gist helps manage the river of updates flowing through your life. They just need to follow the feedback, and keep improving their Android app.