Appolicious has always tried to bring you the best way to discover new apps with it’s curated process and online personal library tracker. Now, for Android users, the experience has just taken the next leap.

The Appolicious app for Android is now available in the Android Market and with it comes some excellent ways to find apps that matter to you. Once downloaded, the app will have you  create or sign in to your account and will automatically ask to add your apps to its online database.

Once your apps have been added to your profile, the app will immediately offer a list of new apps that might interest you. It’s as simple as that. The service takes what apps you have and filters your interests, only showing you the apps that you are interested in. But that’s not all the app does.

The entire app library is able to be searched and downloaded. You also can view a list of your apps and remove them if necessary.

Overall, if you enjoy hunting down new apps but find it to be hard to wade through the hundreds of uninteresting ones, take a look at Appolicious. It is a quick way to find new and interesting apps for your phone. Check it out.