Over the last year or two, I have really come to like many of the “https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/idcom.tribeflame.through_the_desert?mt=8″ app_id=”804264” target=”_blank”>You are one of (up to) four Bedouin tribes with a set of five color camels. On the initial turn, each player places one camel of each color with a caravan leader of their color on the board. On subsequent turns, a player places two additional camels of any color on the board. The camels must be played adjacent to a camel of the same color. The game is over when the supply of any one of the colored camels (for any player) is used up, and the player with the most points wins.

You earn points by building caravans to an oasis, having the largest caravan, occupying watering holes, and enclosing desert areas. The game comes with a nice rules section and tutorial play for new players. The pinch to zoom feature works well to help you see the board. The gameplay is smooth and you can play a game in one sitting. To succeed in Through the Desert, you need to do some planning on your caravan positioning and keep an eye on how many camels (and which colors) have been played.

Now these games are only the beginning. I have touched base with some developers online and more these types of games are scheduled to come to Android. So if you:

– have played any of these board games

– like turn-based strategy games

– games with great replay value

– want games with local multiplayer mode

– looking for quality, family friendly games

I recommend you try any or all of these German-style board games that have been ported to Android today.