The biggest reason that you fail in IQ-test type exercises is that your brain works like the body of a sportsman. It needs training to improve and perform well even in competitive circumstances. While at school, the brain has to adopt and solve problems quickly, which helps a lot to keep mentally fit. However, work is often monotonous and the brain gets used to the unilateral strain.

To preserve your brains’ ability to adopt to new thinks and solve problems quickly, you need to use it regularly. The best brain trainings are traveling, reading, crafting, playing musical instruments or dancing, but games, such a chess of goo can do good to your mental capacity.

The world of gadget, of course, offers a plenty of ways to train your brain. Even the usage of touch-screen gadgets requires a lot of adoption, but there are applications which provide you mental freshness as well. There are, for example, Rubic cube apps, that require to think in 3D, Tower of Hanoi, the digital version of a traditional math education game and many other simple yet challenging puzzle games.

However, there are apps which even more complex and creative, and utilizes the new touch-screen techniques instead of digitizing old logic-thinking toys. Genius Brain is one of them. It is totally new, therefore makes the users to utilize his traditional skills in the digital area.

Genius Brain is a puzzle which can be solved via wide variety of tasks. At the beginning the game is very simple: there is a table with elements in a random order, and the user is given clues with the help of which they can organize the elements back into the original structures. After this, the user has to specify the column in which the element stands.


The game requires thinking over the result of your steps on the long run, like in Sudoku, needs the user to stay calm in a visually engaging environment (the puzzle is very colorful), and makes them thinking in a 2D space, like SokoBan.

Some might find Genius Brain a way too complex at the first sight, but its because the brain gets too many new impressions. Most of us, adults, is not used to learning new and complex tasks, so it might take a lot of energy for our brain to adapt at the first time. However, if we are patient enough, we can experience a nice learning process on ourselves.

As a start it is recommended to do a small puzzle with the help of pen and pencil to note down the most important clues. You’ll soon get the hang of it, and can resolve more complicated and longer tasks. Isn’t it nice?

Genius Brain can increase short and long term memory, help logical thinking and noticing regularities – all these skills are very important at the job market. It also gives a visual input to the brain, which is very stimulating after a boring working day.

The effectivity of Genius Brain is, perhaps, due to the colorful experience of its developer, Maxim Polus, who is designer and develops the software as a hobby. Genius brain is designed by someone who has a great past in thinking visually and logically, but able to utilize his skills in the bricked world of programming.

Even though some of the hobby programmers tend to leave their apps after a while, this does not apply for Genius Brain – there are always new buttons, design elements and other developments coming.

Genius Brain is a great app for those who like spending a few hours on their own and think over things. If you mastered Sudoku and tired of all traditional mind games, this is a great alternative to have fun. This is also a nice tool if you are to write a test or apply to a job and feel that you’ll need to accommodate to new things. It is also a good idea to use it during the semester, to give the brain different types of tasks.

If you would like to think quickly, learn new things easily or just remain mentally active, do not hesitate to download.