Gaming tops app categories

Gaming is the top category for mobile apps, and that includes Android phones. The sector of mobile apps has grown at an incredible rate these past four months, according to Millennial Media’s MobileMix November 2010 report. For Android in particular, Google’s (GOOG) mobile OS has overtaken Apple (AAPL) in overall apps market share, with a 54% lead in their ad network. This means we’ll see a lot more marketing methods applied to mobile gaming, such as Fortumo’s in-app payment system, or Papaya Mobile’s cross-promoting network.

Real-world robot games

And new games are arriving all the time, steeping in innovation. One cool game to look out for takes gameplay off your phone and into the real world. Sphero is a robotic ball that’s controlled by your Android via Bluetooth, reports CNET. From Colorado-based start-up Orbotix, this game will let you do things like solve mazes on the floor, and has the potential for multiplayer battles, pitting one robot sphere against another. Orbotix’s API will determine how involved Sphero can get, but it’s exciting to see where mobile games are going.

Sega Dreamcast emulator

While Sphero is pretty futuristic, Dreamcast Emulator nullDC is looking to conjure up some nostalgia. It’s working on bringing more Sega titles to Android, starting with games like Crazy Taxi and Power Stone. Emulators have been a great way to revive the video games of our childhood, with Androids acting as repositories for our favorite titles. It is because of this trend that the Android holds so much potential as a gaming device.