For those who have an account with GameFly or tend to keep up with everything video-game related — GameFly for Android is a must-have addition to your app library.

For starters, this app allows you to manage your GameFly queue (or GameQ) while you’re on the go. GameFly is a lot like Netflix, only for video games instead of movies.

Perhaps more helpful, though, this app works like a kind of a guide to which games you should check out next.

The app has a “News” tab where users can read about everything that’s happening in the video-game industry. Here, you can find headlines and trailers for upcoming game and system releases, which downloads are new and available, interviews with video-game developers and companies and updates on big stories like the recent PlayStation security breach. Here, users can also find helpful, in-depth reviews for recently released games.

Under the games tab of the app, users can peruse video games available through GameFly by “Most Popular,” “Coming Soon” and “Platforms.” Click on any game in the app’s database and you can check out game stills, a trailer, game description, helpful user reviews, critics reviews and even cheats and codes. There’s also a “Rent” button on every game that you can tap in order to quickly add it to your queue.

GameFly has a great design, and organizes its information in such a way that makes for quick and easy navigation. It’s an all-around great app for people who love video games.