Those who are new to the series will instantly recognise it as a tower defence game. Tactically place your plants, all with different powers and abilities, in order to protect lawn mowers from being set off by zombies. Pea shooters will gradually wear your enemies down, whilst boulders will stop them in their path. Cobs hurl their corn at the first chance they get, and sunflowers will provide you with the much needed sunlight to grow the aforementioned items. As your allies continue to do battle however, the ever increasing hordes of zombies will throw out some surprises, with some wearing bucket helmets, and others being carried on rope by a seagull. It’s a bizarre blend of fun gameplay, but one that definitely requires thoughtful planning and tactics. 

For those who played the original, there is still every reason to play Plants vs Zombies 2.

For those who played the original, there is still every reason to play Plants vs Zombies 2. There are more plants and secrets to be unlocked, and the game as a whole is a lot longer. With settings which include the Wild West, Ancient Egypt and Pirate Seas, you’re guaranteed to be entertained throughout, as each area has a different atmosphere and charm to the one that comes before it. One of the biggest introductions is that of plant food, a steroid which can be used to enhance a plant’s performance. Give it to be a pea shooter and it will turn from a pistol to machine gun, helping you out in those tense moments.

Crazy Dave and his truck both return from the original to help you along the way in learning about the different plants and enemies, as well as purchases and upgrades. They add an extra dose of humour to an already funny and charming game. Every level is also accessible without the help of microtransactions, which is a big thumbs up for PopCap. Although they are available, there isn’t really too much need for them. A little bit of hard work and extra time in the game will ensure that you collect enough coins to be able to unlock all of the things you need to.

With some of the tightest tower defence game mechanics around, Plants vs Zombies 2 is a must-have for fans of the genre.

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