If there’s a bummer to this whole mobile app thing, it’s that sometimes picking up a new app is a leap of faith. If something sounds interesting, often you’ll have to purchase it from whatever store in which it’s available to see if it’s any good. If it isn’t, in a lot of cases, you could just be wasting money. If you’re really unlucky, an app will create some sort of software glitch on your device, which is what’s happening with my iPhone right now. Not being able to quit apps has made the last few days tiresome, to say the least.

WildTangent has an idea to change that, at least in the experience of Android device-owning T-Mobile customers, according to a story from Fierce Mobile Content. The online gaming service is partnering with the wireless carrier to allow users to rent games to see if they like them at a reduced rate. That rental fee is good for the premium version of the app, and goes toward its eventual purchase if the user finds he or she likes what they’re seeing. It’ll also make free, ad-supported versions of games available when possible that users can download instead of paying the rental fee.

The rental fee averages at 25 cents for each game, and WildTangent and T-Mobile say the service will be available later this year for customers. It’ll also work in WildTangent’s in-game currency system, WildCoins, to allow T-Mobile customers to buy in-game objects and other content. Additionally, BrandBoost, WildTangent’s advertising system, will offer free games and other promotions.

HTC posts massive sales for May, backed by smartphones

It’s good news for HTC (2498.TW) and for Android fans in general – the company is posting sales in May of $1.42 billion. That’s more than twice what HTC put up this time last year, and an improvement over April, when the company logged $1.35 billion according to a story from Mashable.

HTC has been hitting hard in the smartphone arena, recently launching its 4G Thunderbolt to strong sales on Verizon. Its first tablet, the HTC Flyer, was recently released in the U.S., and apart from a single-core 1.5GHz processor, it’ll also carries Android 2.4 and will be capable of running OnLive’s tablet-based PC game streaming app – easily among the coolest things shown at E3 this year.

HTC also has a few more smartphones due out in the near future: the HTC Sensation and the HTC Evo 3D. The company also predicts to increase its shipments in the next quarter by between 103 percent and 113 percent over the same time in 2010, and an increase of revenue for 2011 of 97 percent over last year.