It’s been a big week for the mobile cloud, with Apple (AAPL) revealing a series of software updates at WWDC, and E3 revealing the latest in the gaming arena. For Android, E3 in particular was a good opportunity to prove its potential in mobile gaming. As the Android platform gains momentum and improves its own software, more complex and graphically-enhanced games can run on Android devices, a trend OnLive is taking full advantage of. The game developer, fresh off a major Facebook launch, announced its plans to integrate iPad and Android tablet operability for its game-streaming service.

OnLive’s gaming system

The upcoming service, available this fall in the US and Europe, will let mobile games access OnLive’s catalog of more than 100 games on the Android devices, using tablet touch controls or its new Universal Wireless controller. The cloud-based system will also support live chat for local ore wireless multiplayer games, letting gamers spectate live game play, along with Facebook integration for sharing video clips. Magnifying its game controller capabilities, OnLive’s app will also turn your Android tablet into a controller for Nintendo’s (NTDOY.PK) new Wii U gamepad, also announced at E3.

Sony expands Xperia Play games

Sony (SNE), which only recently launched the Android-based Xperia Play gaming device, also had a surprise announcement towards the end of day one at E3. It’s adding a slew of new games for Xperia Play, expanding support beyond the many Android-based games already available for the system. Jet Moto, Hot Shots Golf 2 and Wipeout will all appear on the Xperia Play later on this year, in formats optimized for the slide-out gamepad. It’s an indication of Sony’s dedication to this mobile gaming initiative, incorporating more of its popular titles for an Android-driven device.

Gameloft further supports Android

Not to be outdone, Gameloft (GLOFF.PK) also unveiled a new game lineup at E3 this year. Android gamers will soon be able to play Order & Chaos Online and Fast & Furious 5, the official game of the fifth movie of the same name. Gameloft’s been expanding its Android offerings lately, incorporating more titles into the Android Market, instead of only offering game downloads directly from its website. Its popular games have helped to validate Android as a viable gaming platform, encouraging a great deal of development for Google’s (GOOG) mobile OS.