Fun and Spooky Halloween Games

Oct 8, 2011

Whether you’re a kid or an adult these games will amuse and frighten you!

Carnival of Horrors Lite

Akin to Ghostbusters you’ve been hired to clean out all the ghosts from a haunted carnival. Careful because these ghosts are tricky!


Devilry Huntress Lite

If you love Bejeweled then this game is right up your (spooky) alley.


Spooky Hangman

Your typical hangman game .. only, that guy looks more real than any other hangman I’ve ever seen, and that witch .. oh, she’s creepy too.


Prize Claw Seasons

Every time I see a claw game I can’t help but think “The Claw is my master….”
This game is your typical “claw” game but spookied up with fun Halloween creatures instead of stuffed animals.


Halloween Kitty

While this may not be a “game” per se, this one made my list cause it actually made me giggle a little bit.
Great for spooking kids. Tell them that petting the kitty is okay but if you poke him…


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