It’s October. The fourth quarter of the year has begun. If you have any resolutions left for this year, it’s time to start cranking before next year’s resolutions come along. I resolve to get more out of my Android.

For the best political journalism in the world try The Washington Post, for throttling up your audio files check out AudioSpeedChange, for the best of the post-season download At Bat 11, and for fun, try Constant C.

Gravity schmavity! The little robot, whose name is the app’s title, must save the universe single-handedly. A dark force has invaded the galaxy and gravity has vanished. The robot must navigate through puzzles, with your help, and find the secret to bring gravity back.

You’ll find 29 levels and you’ll need to learn new robot skills along the way to make it to the center of the dark force. Remember, falling objects crush little robots.