Happy Halloween! This year you can dress up your Android as well as yourself. You’ll find plenty of ghoulish live wallpaper and special Halloween editions of games like today’s Bubble Blast Halloween.

For a look into your future, try Horoscope Plus, and for some serious number crunching, check out the update to RealCalc Plus.

Get yourself and your Android into the spirit of tonight’s festivities by downloading this special themed game.

You’ll find two modes – Puzzle and Arcade. The Puzzle mode includes over 3500 levels, many of which are exclusive to this Halloween edition. Just like regular Bubble Blast games you must strategically burst – in this case, pumpkins – to set off a chain reaction of destruction and clear the board. You have a limited number of bursts per level.

This edition’s themes include jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, devils and other scary characters and you’ll hear a frightening cry when you succeed, and a witch’s laugh when you lose.