Just like when Emeril Lagasse “kicks it up a notch”, Madfinger Games throws down with one of the most intense action games ever to land on an Android screen. It’s called SHADOWGUN and the creators say it’s just the first installment in a new raucous franchise. Strap yourselves down.

Movie lovers will enjoy Fandango Movies for Tablets and personalization fans should try GO Locker.

Ready to live out your own sci-fi action adventure movie? Armor up as John Slade – an intergalactic bounty hunter – and pursue criminal genius Dr. Edgar Simon in his mountain fortress. It seems that the mad doctor has bred his own genetically-altered mutant army and he needs to be captured dead or alive.

Expect gorgeous 3D graphics, detailed set pieces, immersive action, and over-the-top violence. The rave reviews are already in and they say bring your energy drink, eye protection, and your high-end Android device.