Today’s fresh Android list delivers a diverse mix of applications including a couple that would never be possible on the locked-down iPhone. For safer driving try iOnRoad Augmented Driving, to police your Wi-Fi network use WiFiKill, for going more international download the Google Translate update and for fresh fun try Go! Go! Goat!.

Need a diversion? How about a new jumping game?

For this game’s main character – a mountain goat – jumping from treacherous rock ledge to rock ledge comes naturally. You must guide the goat onwards and upwards to reach the highest heights while avoiding the obstacles like a deadly vulture or a giant spider that will send him crashing back to earth. Power-ups you must capture include a rocket and invincible shield.

Don’t let this game get your goat! The first users say the beautiful hand-drawn graphics and catchy soundtrack make it hop.