Hope you enjoyed your time with family over Thanksgiving! If you’re like me, all that family time has made your ready to hit the road, as in road trip. Two of today’s fresh apps – Desert Bus and Extreme Road Trip – put you behind the wheel for a virtual getaway.

AirDroid lets you control your device from a PC and Songza HD queues up some tunes on your Android tablet.

Your gas pedal is stuck! That’s the introduction to this car stunt game.

You have no choice but to drive your car off the precipice and hopefully land safely on the road, platform, forest path or dirt hill in front of you. Tilt your phone to set the best angle for your landing. The better your landing, the more you increase your odds of gaining a turbo boost for your next dangerous stuck-pedal run.

Once you’re over the fear, you can attempt crazy stunts in the air for extra points. Different cars provide unique aerodynamics and the explosions for poor landings are a total blast. Use OpenFeint to taunt your friends.