Don’t forget to give thanks for your Android device tomorrow! It allows you to get work done outside the office (Quickoffice Pro update), walk in the shoes of a lost toy (Toy Village), and live life in color (Angry Piggy).

The Android fresh apps list is taking a long weekend. Meet you back here on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

A beast whipped up a tremendous windstorm that blew all the color away from the beautiful land of Avelon. Three farm animals – Steezy the pig, Haden the chick and Moochew the cow – have banded together to bring back all the hues of the rainbow.

This side scroller delivers physics puzzle action that requires the cooperation of the animals to get past the obstacles. Expect great cartoon graphics, imaginative puzzles, and kid-friendly humor. Choose between on-screen controls or gravity for driving the action. It’s already been a hit on iOS and now it has arrived on Android.