What’s old is fresh again! Today’s list includes the original first-person shooter gangster Duke Nukem in the classic tale of love, loss, and alien abduction called Duke Nukem 3D.

For quick voice memos, try netMemo Plus Voice Rec. Blue and for a cool puzzle mash-up, download Elemental.

Jump into the “way back” machine and take a ride with a first-person shooter from the 1990s. It seems aliens need earth’s women and Duke Nukem aims (figuratively and literally) to stop them.

This replicates the 3-D version of the original game (one in a numerous bloody series of Duke Nukem releases) as an Android mobile app. Expect a variety of guns, explosive devices, and “The Mighty Foot” where Duke kicks stuff.

Those who played the original will enjoy the nostalgia and newcomers will marvel at all the first person shooter standard clichés that Duke Nukem (and Doom) started, including the “tough guy” one-liners that Duke says as he kicks alien butt and anyone else that gets in his way.