Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was great! Now, it’s back to the grind of checking out fresh Android Apps.

For an electronics “love match” download LUMIX remote, and for fun, try Castle Master 3D or Joj The Alien Lite.

Joj The Alien Lite (Free)

This alien’s spacecraft got knocked out of space by a meteor storm. His ship ended up in pieces scattered across the planet. Now, it is up to you to help Joj find all the pieces and put it back together.

Like Where’s My Water?, getting Joj through each puzzle level by guiding him from the start to the end where the spaceship piece lies will both confound and thrill. Adjust levers, springs, and other items to help Joj, who can only roll, to navigate each course.

Play over three worlds to win, each with 18 levels. The game includes a great soundtrack, and OpenFeint integration.

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